Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Nieces are growing up

I just can't believe my nieces are growing up this last week I went to Izzy's preschool graduations and Arielle's Kindergarden graduation. They are getting so big and so smart it seems like just yesterday when they were barely walking talking etc. Man time flies by so fast!

Jeffery's 1st Birthday party

Madi got invited to her very first birthday party of a friend. Jeffery was so cute and wasn't very much into the cake but it sure was a lot of fun. Plus it is always so good to get to see our friends the Beckers!

All us girls that had babies around the same time

Easter 2010

This year for the first time in a long time I had my grandma and grandpa here. Plus she was so nice to make all of her great grandkids all cute matching Easter outfits. I was so fun! We did a little Easter egg hunt as well and honestly Madi wasn't into it but she did just turn one so I guess I can't blame her. Maybe next year. Any way here are some pics from that day.