Monday, December 31, 2012

A look back on 2012

2012 wow you were a year of Big Ups and Big downs here are some of the events I like to remember
- Jacob was born
- Jacob's baby blessing
- Getaway weekend with my Hubby for my Birthday
- Played Softball
- Lots of Girls nights
- Date nights/ Double date nights
- Meagan came to visit I miss that girl!
- Grandma Rich came to visit
- Uncle Cole came to visit
- Doing hair for my mom's 3 dance competitions
- Madi started dance class and had an adorable dance recital
- Spent a lot of time with my family

Here are some fun pics from some of those events
Jacob was born 3/8/2012

Easter/ Jacob's baby blessing

Mom and Betty Springfield Dance Competition

Ryan and Mel Date night fun

Gail and Evan date night fun

Joe and I date night fun

All us girls (Mel, Me, Gail) looking sexy

Madi's first day of Dance class

Ashely, Me, Meagan. The Sly crew came to visit I miss them so much!

Halloween Jacob the Dragon Madi the princess

Mom's Nationals dance competition in Dallas TX

Madi's Christmas Dance Recital