Sunday, November 13, 2011

Let play dress up!

Twirling in our pretty dresses

Posing for a pic

And they all fall down

Ring around the rosie
These cute bunch of girls sure have fun together when they quit stealing toys from each other and bossing each other around. You got to love 2 year olds! It will be fun when they are old enough to have sleepovers some day.

Hair Schedule and Availabilty between now till I have the baby.

Here is my schedule and availability to do hair from now up until the baby comes make your appointments now if you would like especially if you are wanting to get in before Christmas and again before I take some time off with the baby. Granted these may change if I am put on bed rest for any reason. Hope this helps you all to get your hair done before the holidays and before I am on Maternity leave.

11/21 Mon- 3pm or later
11/26 Sat- A-ll day

11/28 Mon- 3pm or later
12/1 Thur- 6pm
12/2 Fri-3pm or later
12/3 Sat- All day

12/5 Mon- 3pm or later
12/9 Fri- 3pm or later
12/10 Sat- All day

12/12 Mon- 3pm or later
12/15 Thur- 3pm or later
12/17 Sat- All day

12/19 Mon- 3pm or later
12/20 Tues- 3pm or later
12/21 Wed- 3pm or later

12/27 Tues- 3pm or later
12/28 Wed- 3pm or later
12/29 Thur- 3pm or later
12/30 Fri- 3pm of later

1/2 Mon- 3pm or later
1/3 Tues- 3pm or later
1/4 Wed- 3pm or later
1/5 Thur- 3pm or later
1/7 Sat- All day

1/9 Mon- 3pm or later
1/10 Tues- 3pm or later
1/11 Wed- 3pm or later
1/12 Thur- 3pm or later
1/13 Fri- 3pm or later
1/14 Sat- All day

1/16 Mon- 3pm or later
1/17 Tues- 4pm or later
1/20 Fri- 3pm or later
1/21 Sat- All Day

1/23 Mon- 3pm or later
1/24 Tues- 4pm or later
1/27 Fri- 3pm or later
1/28 Sat- All Day

1/30 Mon- 3pm or later
1/31 Tues 4pm or later
2/3 Fri- 3pm or later
2/4 Sat- All Day

2/6 Mon- 3pm or later
2/7 Tues- 4pm or later
2/10 Fri- 3pm or later
2/11 Sat- All Day

2/13 Mon- 3pm or later
2/17 Fri- 3pm or later
2/18 Sat- All Day

2/20 Mon- 3pm or later
2/21 Tues- 4pm or later
2/24 Fri- 3pm or later
2/25 Sat- All Day

(last 2 days before maternity leave)
2/27 Mon- 3pm or later
2/28 Tues- 4pm or later

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year we spent Halloween with my parents here is all the cousins together

Here was our crew Left to right: Enzo, Micah, Madi, Devon, and Paige

My beautiful Cinderella

Also I threw in a baby belly pic I am now 21 weeks and we are having a BOY!


This year we took Madi to Spooktacular it is an event that they have at the zoo here in Springfield every year. I remember going when I was little. We had lots of fun and went with Madi's cousins and Uncle Mark. Pretty much most of the animals are put away and it just lots of decorations and candy being passed out. Madi loved it. It wasn't too cold as well.

Meet the Browns Most of them act like Bam bam instead of Pebbles Lol

Left to Right: Arielle, Madi, Me, Seth, Marcus, Izzy, and Noah
All night she said Momma I am a pretty pretty princess!

Family pic pretty much the only one we have of all three of us in the last 6 months!