Saturday, December 5, 2009

Madi at 7months old

Madi is getting into Everything now! She is "crawling" its more like an army crawl on her elbows its so cute she is getting pretty good and fast at it. She also pulls herself up on things and can stand without holding onto anything for about 5-6 seconds. She will be walking before we know it guess I really need to get to baby proofing the apartment. She also gibber jabbers all day she mostly says "Dadda, Papa, Baba and Mama" its pretty cute.

Madi and Jeffery Ready for church

Madi is so cute in her little pink boots

Madi in her Halloween Costume at the Trunk or Treat for our ward

Our Mini Vacation to Arizona

We recently took a little trip to Arizona. It was a lot of fun we visited my Grandparents and my Aunt and I also got to see you Cousin Merdith. While we were there Joe and I went with my Aunt Char to the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks game. Which Joe loves the Seahawks so we got all decked out.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family Tradition/Bath time/Feedings

Ever since I can remember when it became October some time before Halloween my family would get together and make these halloween cookies. So today we made them at my parents house after family dinner. It brought back a lot of fun memories of when I was little and all our past halloweens. It also made me think of the future halloweens to come. I hope that I will continue this tradition with my family and that they will have fond memories of this too.

This is a cute onsie that Grandma Crosby brought back from Disney world for Madi to wear we love it! I am pretty excited for Halloween this year Grandma Crosby bought Madi her halloween costume as well she is going to be a lady bug I am super excited to put pictures up of her in her costume!

Madi is doing really well with her sitting up so we decided to sit her up in the bath and give her a few toys to play with. She had a blast she was laughing and splashing she didn't want to get out of the bath it was so cute and so much fun to watch.

Madi lately has decided that while she is eating she also needs to eat her feet aka made a huge mess all over herself for Mommy to clean up. I definately need to break her of that fast!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Madi is 6 months old

Madi is now 6 months old and is a lot of fun most the time. She is pretty much sitting up with no support for long periods of time. She is really gibber jabbering a lot she likes to yell at me in a jibber jabber its pretty fun and she smiles and squeals a lot! She is a rolly polly she is rolling all over the place. Which means Mommy is quickly learning what needs to be put up and away and child proofing the house. Well this picture below is the mess that Madi made I was holding her and making a bottle and Madi has to have her hands on everything and she grabbed the formula tin and knocked it off the counter and spilt it everywhere.

Well Madi had her 6 month check up today and these are her stats
she is 27 inches long
she weighs 18 lbs 3 ounces
her head is 17 1/4 inches around
Her doctor says she doing really well and she is pretty much in the 90th percentile in everything. We love her she is a lot of fun and definately keeps me on my toes. I can't even believe that she is 6 months old already it has flown by so fast before I know it she will be crawling talking walking but hopefully it doesn't come too fast!
Here is a picture of Madi with her grandma brown

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She is such a big girl!

Madi is starting to get to be so big she is now 5 months old and growing up so fast on me. She has had some of her 1st foods. So far she has had green beans, squash, sweet peas and carrots. This is such a fun age I think. She recognizes her name now and really tries to talk she just gibber gabbers all day which can be fun and sometimes annoying. When she doesn't get what she wants she kind of yells/screeches at me which of course I don't like too much I will definately have to get that habit stopped soon! She is starting to stay sitting up if you sit her up if she leans too far to one side of the other then she will flop over but she is really getting the hand of it. I love my daughter she is a lot of fun and a lot of work. I'm glad that there is only one right now it will definately be an adjustment when we decide to have another one.

Here is here messy little face after eating Carrots which I think is her favorite out of all of the foods she has had so far.

Here she is being a big girl sitting up

Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Trip to Joplin

This last weekend we took a trip down to Joplin to visit our good friends Cassie and Paul Becker (and Jeffery). We really miss having them around! We had a lot of fun Paul decided (as he says) he needed to pop Joe's pro football game cherry. Joe has never been to a pro game and it just so happened that his favorite team the Seattle Seahawks were coming to Kansas City to play the Chiefs in a preseason game. Here are some pictures of the boys leaving for Kansas City with the babies decked out in their Seahawk onsies that Joe bought.

Madi and Jeffery really enjoyed each other on the trip us girls and Jeffery hung out while the boys were at the game and watched 17 Again, Confessions of a Shopaholic. We ate at a Mexican restaurant and then made a very yummy dessert called Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars.

We even couldn't resist and bathed the babies together it was super cute. Jeffery and Madi will probably curse us some day when for it but it was fun!

We always have such a great time with Cassie and Paul they are such great friend and great host. We love you guys thanks for having us over!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and created a blog

Ok so my friend Cassie has been bugging me forever to create a blog so I finally did. There isn't much to it yet but there will be more when I get the hang of this stuff.

Well Madi is almost 5 months old now she is a great joy and a little booger. She is a cutie she is almost sitting up on her own but if she leans to a side she flops right over. She loves to smile and laugh and especially loves to grab her feet. She definately has a lot of Crosby genes she has our big thighs poor thing. She loves it when I sing songs that has actions to it like The Itsy Bitsy Spider. She is a standing queen. Lucky for me Madi now takes a nap during the day for 2-3 hours but mostly she is very active and wants 100% of my ations 100% of the time. She is a major Daddy's girl which they say happens with girls so i'm not too suprised but just wish she got as excited about when she sees Momma and when she sees Dadda.