Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Flashback

2011 has been a great year of changes and excitement.
Here is a little flashback of what went on
January- The year started out rough with the passing of my Grandpa Ron then Madi and I paid a visit to all our wonderful family out in Arizona, Joe started the school semester
February- Not much happened I guess lol I can't remember.
March- Joe turned 26
April- Joe and I had our 4 year anniversary and Madi turned 2.
May- Joe and I moved to the apartments we are in now
June- We visited our best friends out in Chicago
July- I turned 26 and we found out we were going to have another baby
August- Started and stopped potty training Madi, Joe started school again
September- Went to Joe's uncle in Eminence, MO and had a float trip
October- Started to potty train Madi with success this time! Found out we are having a boy this time around
November- Had our first Thanksgiving at our place
December- Joe finished up the semester ate lots of good food and celebrated the holidays Uncle Cole and Grandma and Grandpa Rich came to visit.

2012 I can tell had a lot of great things to offer us and I am ready for it especially in March when we welcome our baby boy to our family. Happy New year everyone I hope it will be great!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas Cookies

Our cute little Christmas tree

Future hair dresser at work

Grandmas house checking out the presents

Madi and her Grandma Crosby

Joe passing out presents

Zac, Grandpa Rich, Steven and Sarah

Santa gifts

She got RIO liked she asked for from Santa (We have watched it now 4 times lol)

Christmas dinner we set up my Mom's fine China we really only get it out once or twice a year!
Christmas this year was great! We had my Grandma and Grandpa Rich and my Uncle Cole come in town. We only get to see them about once or twice a year which is just not enough. We ate tons of good food visited played games (scrabble mostly). Ate some more LOL. Watched RIO entirely too many times. It was great. Since I can remember we have always spent Christmas Eve with my Grandma (my mom's mom) and Grandpa Rich and then Christmas with my Grandpa Ron (my Mom's dad). This year in January my Grandpa Ron passed away and unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the funeral. So this year at Christmas it really hit me that he wasn't here anymore. I guess it became a reality. RIP Grandpa Ron you are missed. I will miss your jokes and your giving us Cashews every year for Christmas and McDonald's gift certificates.

I am very excited as to what this new year has to bring for me and my little family. I am getting super excited/nervous to have this baby boy join our family. I am almost 30 weeks along only 10 more to go its going to fly by. Bring it on 2012 I am ready for whatever you have to offer me. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a great New year!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Let play dress up!

Twirling in our pretty dresses

Posing for a pic

And they all fall down

Ring around the rosie
These cute bunch of girls sure have fun together when they quit stealing toys from each other and bossing each other around. You got to love 2 year olds! It will be fun when they are old enough to have sleepovers some day.

Hair Schedule and Availabilty between now till I have the baby.

Here is my schedule and availability to do hair from now up until the baby comes make your appointments now if you would like especially if you are wanting to get in before Christmas and again before I take some time off with the baby. Granted these may change if I am put on bed rest for any reason. Hope this helps you all to get your hair done before the holidays and before I am on Maternity leave.

11/21 Mon- 3pm or later
11/26 Sat- A-ll day

11/28 Mon- 3pm or later
12/1 Thur- 6pm
12/2 Fri-3pm or later
12/3 Sat- All day

12/5 Mon- 3pm or later
12/9 Fri- 3pm or later
12/10 Sat- All day

12/12 Mon- 3pm or later
12/15 Thur- 3pm or later
12/17 Sat- All day

12/19 Mon- 3pm or later
12/20 Tues- 3pm or later
12/21 Wed- 3pm or later

12/27 Tues- 3pm or later
12/28 Wed- 3pm or later
12/29 Thur- 3pm or later
12/30 Fri- 3pm of later

1/2 Mon- 3pm or later
1/3 Tues- 3pm or later
1/4 Wed- 3pm or later
1/5 Thur- 3pm or later
1/7 Sat- All day

1/9 Mon- 3pm or later
1/10 Tues- 3pm or later
1/11 Wed- 3pm or later
1/12 Thur- 3pm or later
1/13 Fri- 3pm or later
1/14 Sat- All day

1/16 Mon- 3pm or later
1/17 Tues- 4pm or later
1/20 Fri- 3pm or later
1/21 Sat- All Day

1/23 Mon- 3pm or later
1/24 Tues- 4pm or later
1/27 Fri- 3pm or later
1/28 Sat- All Day

1/30 Mon- 3pm or later
1/31 Tues 4pm or later
2/3 Fri- 3pm or later
2/4 Sat- All Day

2/6 Mon- 3pm or later
2/7 Tues- 4pm or later
2/10 Fri- 3pm or later
2/11 Sat- All Day

2/13 Mon- 3pm or later
2/17 Fri- 3pm or later
2/18 Sat- All Day

2/20 Mon- 3pm or later
2/21 Tues- 4pm or later
2/24 Fri- 3pm or later
2/25 Sat- All Day

(last 2 days before maternity leave)
2/27 Mon- 3pm or later
2/28 Tues- 4pm or later

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year we spent Halloween with my parents here is all the cousins together

Here was our crew Left to right: Enzo, Micah, Madi, Devon, and Paige

My beautiful Cinderella

Also I threw in a baby belly pic I am now 21 weeks and we are having a BOY!


This year we took Madi to Spooktacular it is an event that they have at the zoo here in Springfield every year. I remember going when I was little. We had lots of fun and went with Madi's cousins and Uncle Mark. Pretty much most of the animals are put away and it just lots of decorations and candy being passed out. Madi loved it. It wasn't too cold as well.

Meet the Browns Most of them act like Bam bam instead of Pebbles Lol

Left to Right: Arielle, Madi, Me, Seth, Marcus, Izzy, and Noah
All night she said Momma I am a pretty pretty princess!

Family pic pretty much the only one we have of all three of us in the last 6 months!

Friday, September 16, 2011

14 weeks pregnant, potty training and Kidney stones

Well I had my doctors appointment on Wednesday and the baby is doing great got to hear the heartbeat which is always an amazing comforting thing to know that little one is thriving. We have our Ultrasound date set for October 12th and we are so excited to find out what we are having. If you know me well enough you know I am a planner and already feel like I should have everything ready and set up for the baby. I haven't posted a baby bump picture mostly because I am not really showing yet. I didn't really start showing until about 20 or so weeks with Madi, Not sure Madi has fully grasped the fact that we are going to be having a baby yet . When we ask her if she wants a sister or a brother she ALWAYS says sister!
Madi is doing well she is definitely a 2 year old and very stubborn like her parents. She is a very independent kid which isn't necessarily a bad thing just sometimes frustrating. She now has all 20 of her teeth she finally cut her 2 year old molars on the top! We at the end of week 2 of potty training and she is doing well for the most part lately most of her accidents are #2's. Hopefully she will be fully potty trained by Christmas! She is such a little Mommy she puts her baby dolls in time outs and down for naps and feeds them. She will such a great helper when this next little one comes along.
Okay so about the part of the title that says kidney stones... All this week I have had random pains in my back. I thought maybe I had a UTI but doc said nope. Well last night just all of the sudden at about 7:30 I was in so much pain it just got worse and worse and I was doubled over in pain and crying. So I called my doctor and they said to go into the ER. So we called my parents (by this time it is 8:30pm) and had them come over and be at the house while Madi was sleeping. Before we left my Dad and Joe gave me a blessing the second they laid their hands on my head I immediately felt relief I was still in pain but not excruciating pain. I love that I have worthy priesthood holders in my life. The Lord truly helped me get through the pain last night! So off we went to the ER. They took me back did my vitals, got a urine sample started an IV and took some blood and then sent us back to the waiting room until the results came in. At about 10pm they took us back to a room and had me change into those oh so stylish gowns. My urine test showed there was blood in my urine. They did some feeling around on my kidney and they were 99% sure I had a stone. Unfortunately with being pregnant they couldn't confirm that because they couldn't do and xray or CT scan. gave me some morphine to take the edge off of the pain. Talked to my urologist and decided they were going to prescribe me some pain meds and send me home with a pee strainer and watch for a stone. So off we went to the Walgreens to get my pain meds and we got home about midnight. Shortly after we got home and my parents left I had to use the restroom had the little strainer thingy and there it was the evil little thing we like to call a kidney stone. So I passed it and am feeling much better. My kidney is still very sore and I am tired I will definitely be napping while Madi is today! Hopefully that will be my only other stone I ever have!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby #2 and updates on us

I had my 1st doctors appointment yesterday for baby #2. Only good news to report. I have lost weight (which I did with Madi as well) 10 lbs. so far! The doctor decided since I was 10 weeks along to try and see if he could hear the heartbeat (normally you may not be able to until 11-12 weeks). Guess what he was able to hear the heartbeat! That was just what I needed for some relief of miscarrying. I will be so much better once I make it past the 1st trimester. For those of you who don't know I miscarried twice before Madison once at 8 weeks and another at 12 weeks. I feel pretty hopeful with this one though! I'm an pretty sure I felt the baby move yesterday as well. Is it in my imagination??? What is the earliest you felt your baby move????
Well here is a little update on Madison. She is in full fledged temper tantrum mode when she doesn't get what she wants. She repeats EVERYTHING we say so we have to watch what we say or watch on tv because she is such a sponge. She is very active. Sings all day long especially the alphabet. She loves to dance and loves everyone to dance with her so if the music is on I hear "Momma dance!" or "Dadda dance!" She loves to watch movies and her favorite tv shows some of her current favorites are; Phineas and Ferb, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Blues Clues, The Chipmunks adventure, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She is such a little Mommy and will be a great helper when her little brother or sister comes. She rocks her baby dolls and puts them to bed with a blanky and pillow. Pretends to feed them. She has a great imagination. One of her favorite saying right now that drives me crazy "I can't (do it, watch that, etc)" IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! But I do love her to death she a blessing in my life.
Joe is getting ready to start school again for the Fall semester. He has 2 more years left of school and we both will be glad when he is finally done. I feel bad because he works full time and goes to school full time. I am trully grateful for my husband he does so much for our family and works so hard. I couldn't ask for a better husband and father. Well I think I rambled on enough so I guess that is all the updates for now until next time.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Clinging to sanity by a thread

Lots of changes happening lately. If you know me well enough you know I do not do well with change. I just don't handle it well I never have since a young age.  Joe just started school again which 2 days in I am already hating it so much. Madison is a HANDFUL right now. She wants every second of my attention I have been really trying to break her of that before this next little one comes in March. I am realizing pregnancy is so much harder with a 2 year old. I am tired and exhausted and cranky. Which in turn makes me have 10 times less patience with her. We just seem to battle it out everyday which is so frustrating. I really need to potty train her but I just can't seem to get the motivation to do it.  My calling in church has just been too overwhelming for me. I am the "permanent sub" for Sunday school they want me to plan a lesson every week and then just where ever they need me they stick me there. It is really hard to gear the lesson because I don't know what age I am teaching and each class is on different lessons so sometimes they have heard it already and just tone me out. You know how teenagers can be. Not really sure what I am going to do about it but with all my hormones it is too stressful and overwhelming and I am going to have to talk to the bishop or something. Being pregnant in itself is super stressful to me right now because of having Miscarried twice in the past I am so nervous about it happening again. I miss my friends like real friends I miss Shara I can't believe she has been gone now for almost 5 years. Life just seems to stressful right now and I feel like I am hanging onto sanity by a thread. I am praying for patience and peace. Praying for the calm after the storm. I hope it comes soon.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In case you haven't heard

Well we are very excited to announce that I am PREGNANT!!!!!
My due date is March 12th!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My 1st 5k

 Okay so these are not in order and I can't figure out how to rearrange them. So I sped walked/ran a 5k we kind of did it as a family. My brother who is awesome did the couch to 5k program and has lost a ton of weight and is doing awesome has gotten us started on it. My mom and I are already planning our next one to do together. It was super hot out. Here are some pics from the festivities My mom and mines time was 47min 48 seconds. It was hard but fun. I even puked after I crossed the finish line. (which was super embarrassing)

Girls Getaway

I love my husband so much because he lets me do things like this! Me and some of my besties Melanie and Gail went and spent 3 days in Branson Mo having a getaway. When we 1st got there after checking in to our hotel we went to eat at the Macaroni Grill and walked around the Branson Landing.

 Then off to a hot tub we were kind of rebels because our hot tub was closed so we went to another hotels one hehe!

 Gail drunk of Dr. Pepper lol just kidding more like she open the box and they all fell out on her.
 Girls getaway snack essentials Dr Pepper, Sparkling Grape juice, swedish fish, twix, and milky ways

 Breakfast at the hotel melanie making her 1st ever waffle and failing lol

 3 girls in a hotel with lots of stuff= BIG MESS
 Random fun-ness lol
 1st morning after getting ready.
 Mini golf at Pirates Cove

 No one got bragging rights crazy enough we all ended up tying with a score of 53
 Of Course there was shopping involved at the Tanger Outlet Mall this is all the stuff we bought.

 Use before the Dixie Stampede started. It was fun and yummy food!
 Cold stone ice cream for dessert

Thanks Girls I had a Blast lets do it again next year!