Friday, September 17, 2010

Madi is a big girl now.

It has been a while since I have posted anything on here so here we go.
My baby is growing up she is now 17 months old and definately in the terrible twos already. First of all she is already in 24 month size clothes. She has her 4 front and bottom teeth and is cutting 4 mollars right now. She is saying so many words now (dog, cat, bat, ball, juice, this, that, milk, mom, dad, papa, up, ya, more,bye bye, hi) I am sure there is more I just can't think of them at the moment. Its is nice that she know some words but a lot of the time she still has a hard time communicating what she wants which is frustrating for me as well. She has learned how to climb up on the couch. She can now reach things that are close to the edge of the table or counter (not fun!) Such as the bowl of popcorn I just had popped and it went all over the floor. She is so full of energy all day she LOVES to dance. She really is at a fun age we play peek-a-boo. She tries to tickle you back when you tickle her. She gets time out A LOT because she likes to hit if you tell her no. Needless to say when we put her in the corner she stays there now if we walk away. She loves books but also loves to rip them apart so we are working on that as well. She will be going to nursery in church in 2 weeks and I am SOOOOOOO excited. She is so ready to be in there and I am so ready for her to be in there as well. Joe and I just received a calling in our "new" ward we are going to be teaching the CTR 7 in primary. Joe just started his last semester at OTC he will have his associates and will be transfering to MSU. It will definately be exciting he is really looking forward to taking mostly classes that have to do with his major. He wants to be a High school History teacher and hopefully coach football or something like that. Of course football season has started so needles to say between school, work, and football I don't see him much. I am still doing hair out of my home and being a stay at home mommy. We are actually ready to have another little one around so we are trying for another one. So far it hasn't happened yer but we hope we will be pregnant soon. I am really looking forward to the fall and all the fun holidays that come along with it. Check out my photos below.

Madi trying to get a teeth smile

Madi's cute new little pj's

We went to the park and Madi loved the swing

As always we got to spend a little time with the Beckers and had to give the kiddos a bath together and of course take pictures

Madi all dressed up for church her hair is even long enough now to put in lower piggy tails!