Friday, September 16, 2011

14 weeks pregnant, potty training and Kidney stones

Well I had my doctors appointment on Wednesday and the baby is doing great got to hear the heartbeat which is always an amazing comforting thing to know that little one is thriving. We have our Ultrasound date set for October 12th and we are so excited to find out what we are having. If you know me well enough you know I am a planner and already feel like I should have everything ready and set up for the baby. I haven't posted a baby bump picture mostly because I am not really showing yet. I didn't really start showing until about 20 or so weeks with Madi, Not sure Madi has fully grasped the fact that we are going to be having a baby yet . When we ask her if she wants a sister or a brother she ALWAYS says sister!
Madi is doing well she is definitely a 2 year old and very stubborn like her parents. She is a very independent kid which isn't necessarily a bad thing just sometimes frustrating. She now has all 20 of her teeth she finally cut her 2 year old molars on the top! We at the end of week 2 of potty training and she is doing well for the most part lately most of her accidents are #2's. Hopefully she will be fully potty trained by Christmas! She is such a little Mommy she puts her baby dolls in time outs and down for naps and feeds them. She will such a great helper when this next little one comes along.
Okay so about the part of the title that says kidney stones... All this week I have had random pains in my back. I thought maybe I had a UTI but doc said nope. Well last night just all of the sudden at about 7:30 I was in so much pain it just got worse and worse and I was doubled over in pain and crying. So I called my doctor and they said to go into the ER. So we called my parents (by this time it is 8:30pm) and had them come over and be at the house while Madi was sleeping. Before we left my Dad and Joe gave me a blessing the second they laid their hands on my head I immediately felt relief I was still in pain but not excruciating pain. I love that I have worthy priesthood holders in my life. The Lord truly helped me get through the pain last night! So off we went to the ER. They took me back did my vitals, got a urine sample started an IV and took some blood and then sent us back to the waiting room until the results came in. At about 10pm they took us back to a room and had me change into those oh so stylish gowns. My urine test showed there was blood in my urine. They did some feeling around on my kidney and they were 99% sure I had a stone. Unfortunately with being pregnant they couldn't confirm that because they couldn't do and xray or CT scan. gave me some morphine to take the edge off of the pain. Talked to my urologist and decided they were going to prescribe me some pain meds and send me home with a pee strainer and watch for a stone. So off we went to the Walgreens to get my pain meds and we got home about midnight. Shortly after we got home and my parents left I had to use the restroom had the little strainer thingy and there it was the evil little thing we like to call a kidney stone. So I passed it and am feeling much better. My kidney is still very sore and I am tired I will definitely be napping while Madi is today! Hopefully that will be my only other stone I ever have!

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  1. Oh man Jeni, that is awful! I'm so sorry about the kidney stone!!