Monday, October 25, 2010

Primary Program and my class.

I don't know what it is about primary children but they just have such a place in my heart. Yesterday we had  our wards primary program and I of course was up there since Joe and I are teaching the CTR 7 class. I think I cried threw the entire program their sweet little testimonies just touched my heart. I love/hate being in primary it is a tough but rewarding job especially when you are spending 2 hours with 14-7 to 8 year olds. But honestly I love my class funny enough as it is I taught this class when they were 4 turning 5. Then after that I was in the primary presidency. Then we moved away for a year and a half and now that we are back we got assigned the same kiddos just older. It is amazing to me to see how much they have grown and matured (not by much but some more then others lol). Some who have come out of their shell and are no longer shy. Now they answer questions in class and most of then have been baptized. I just think these kids in this particular class with just always hold a special place in my heart and are teaching me soooo much I love you guys.

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