Saturday, December 11, 2010

Madi's Shoe obssession and more.

These are Madi's Christmas PJ's that I got her on black friday for $4!
Most of these next pictures are Madi walking around in someones shoes. She just absolutely LOVES shoes it doesn't matter whose they if you take your shoes off and my place Madi will snatch them up and start walking around in them.
We got this couch for Christmas from Joe's parents we really like it and love having a lot more space to deal with. Our old couch was a huge sectional and it just took up some much room and was really old hand me down. Its kind of fun this is the 1st brand new couch we have ever owned. 
Its so crazy to think Christmas is right around the corner. We can't wait! We have Christmas with Joe's side on Sunday the 19th. Then a lot of my family from my side on my Mom's side are flying in from Arizona and we will get to spend a week with them! Lots of stories and pics to come!

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