Friday, December 31, 2010

A proposal I couldn't refuse!

A proposal I couldn't refuse happened 4 years ago tonight...

Every year we spend New Years Eve as a family and make a dish called Bana Calda it's an italian dish sort of fondueish style and it is fabulous (just ask Caty and Gabe Aricu they have indulged in this lovely treat!). So new years eve 2006 my boyfriend at the time Joe came over to spend new years with the family. I was at an age where it was kind of feeling lame to spend new years with my parents. So after we had eaten I knew there was a party at some friends house and tried to convince Joe for us to go over there. He said he didn't want to go which I thought was so weird and through out the rest of the night I was trying to still convince him. Okay so now I need to back track and tell some back story here. We were those type that we knew we were getting married we were as we called it engaged to be engaged lol. I knew that he was buying a ring and he told me that he couldn't afford it yet so it would be a couple of paychecks and I had accepted that and moved on. Now the whole week leading up to new year's he would jokingly in random spots like in the middle of walmart drop to one knee and then say just kidding. Which I told him several times was not funny and by the end of the week was getting very irritated... Okay so back to new years so I am trying to convince Joe to go to a party and I was not giving up on it so the poor guy had to act like he wasn't feeling good just so I would give up on it. All night my family is asking so when do you think he will propose (me not knowing they are all in on it and they know when) I was telling them oh it will be a month or so he can't afford the ring yet. Well at midnight we all had our sparkling grape juice and count down to midnight and Joe drops to one knee (and me knowing that he has been jokingly proposing all week) says what are you doing get up. Then from behind his back he pulls out a ring. And says Will you Marry me. I was in complete shock of course because he had me convinced it would be a while but of course I said yes. We were married 3 months later in the St. Louis temple on April 6th, 2007.  It was definately a proposal I couldn't refuse and I have not regretted it since. I have the best husband in the whole world I LOVE YOU Joseph Brown!

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