Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Visitng the Beckers St Louis style

Once again we made a visit to the Beckers house. This time they are now living in St. Louis. We always have lots of fun when we visit. We got there Friday the 7th around 5:30pm and the kids immediately started playing while Cassie, Joe and I caught up. Paul got home around 7ish and we ordered Pizza hut for dinner YUM! Plus Cassie made us some really yummy oreo fudge delish! We mostly just visited all night and the boys played call of duty. These are pictures of the kids playing the the bed we were trying to set up for Joe and I.

The next day Paul had to work so Joe, Cassie and I went on an adventure for the day. We decided to go to the science center. It ended up not being very fun for the kids they are doing a lot of changes and construction there and most things were closed and a lot of the things they have now cost money and were definately not cheap! So we decided to leave. It was lunch time and we wanted to wear the kids out so they would nap so we headed to one of the many malls that are in St. Louis. We ate lunch then let the kiddos play (Joe went and looked at the sports store while we stayed with the kids.) This picture is of the kids right before we left the play place in the mall Jeffery is trying to pull Madi around she had one of those backpack/lease things on. I was pretty funny.

After the mall we headed back to the Beckers place to watch some football. Joe is a huge Seahawks fan and they were playing that afternoon. We watched the game then decided to go out for dinner we ate at a Tex-Mex place called Chevy's. Then we came home and put the kiddos to bed and chatted some more while the boys played more Call of Duty. Sunday Cassie made some yummy monkey bread for breakfast and then we had church at 11am which was fun. Then we came home and watched Dispicable Me then Cassie and I am made Chicken Tacos YUM again! Then unfortunately it was time to head home. We really wish the Beckers lived closer we have such a great time with them and it is so great that we have the kids at such a close age. Thanks for being such great hosts Cassie and Paul Becker we miss you guys! 

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  1. No problem! We really enjoyed having you guys here. We miss you guys too! I wish we would have remembered our cameras so we could have taken more photos. I guess we were having too good of time to think about capturing the moments. Lol!