Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jacob's Birth Story

I'm back did you miss me? I have been MIA for a while but ya know you would think I have had a baby or something! Well it much over due but here is my birth story. It is pretty detailed and some of the pictures you may not want to see I promise it doesn't show any private parts.

I had my last doctors appointment on March the 6th and was very disappointed when they told me that if they were going to induce me that it wouldn't be until March 15th. My due date was the 11th and at this point I was just so done being pregnant! I wanted to cry plus my husband Joe's birthday is the 16th of March. So that next day I went to hang out with my friend Whitney Lawson (which has become an almost every day occurrence) So I was determined to get this baby out we started searching the internet for all the how to  get your labor going ideas and one we found was to dance. Dance I love to do that and lucky enough for me I have an xbox with the dance central game. All day long I worked it dancing my heart out I should have got it on video I am sure it was quite humorous to see a 9 month pregnant woman dancing on the hard level on that game! Whitney's sister in law came over for a bit and told us that I could take black and blue cohash to get things going as well. So at 5pm I was off to Mama jeans to get some. At 7pm that evening I took one dose of it and by 10pm I was having contractions!!! I started keeping track and for a while they were 5 minutes apart but they weren't very consistent yet so my hubby went to sleep a after a while I decided to as well. That morning (March 8th) I was still having contractions so I called my doctors office and they suggested I go ahead and come into labor and delivery to get checked. I called my Mom and she rushed over because my husband was at work and I still had Madi and I didn't want to drive myself. We get to labor and delivery sign in and they have a wait in the waiting room I guess they were a little busy. About 10 minutes later they get us in a triage room and do all the usual get in this gown, pee in a cup, and then we will hook you up to monitors and check you. So they checked me and I was at 5cm!!!! I was at 3cm a day and a half ago! But they weren't sure to keep yet??? I was a 5 are you crazy people. So they decided to have me walk the halls for an hour and if there was progress they would keep me. So off we went in my oh so sexy hospital gown walking the very small boring hallways for an hour Madi was very antsy. Finally my hour passed and it was 12:30 and I am starving already and realizing I forgot to eat something before we left to the hospital ugh. So back to the room to be checked again and praying they aren't going to send me home because I was having pretty strong contractions at this point and had to stop walking in the hall when I was having them. My nurse checks me and I AM AT 6CM!!!!! They are keeping me and putting me into a labor and delivery room. I call Joe and my in laws. Joe hurries over and my mother in law comes to get Madi for a couple of days. We get into our room and after poking me about 4 times they finally get an IV started I hadn't hardly had anything to drink all day and my mouth was dry so they got me some ice chips and then check me again I am at 7cm and my contractions are starting to get pretty bad. So I decide to go ahead and get my epidural since soon it would be too late to get it. The guy comes in and gets started. It definitely hurt more this time getting my epidural and he moved it around a lot which definitely hurt but Joe said I was a trooper. Honestly I probably could have gone with out my epidural and been fine because it ended up causing a lot of problems. Right after I got it my blood pressure dropped and I almost passed out then and I wanted to throw up. My blood pressure kept dropping and they had to give me medicine in my IV 5 different times to try to get it back up and I had to have an oxygen mask on. Luckily it stopped affecting Jacob though because they said if it continued to affect him it would have meant C-section. Joe was pretty scared and worried for a while and I was just trying to stay calm. Unfortunately my epidural also slowed my labor so they started me on a low dose of pitocin. My nurses were great they helped me switch positions to on side, other side, throne position (as the called it) which was completely sitting up, and one where I was on all fours with my bum in the air. Finally I was a 10 and ready to push they called the doc in right away since with my 1st I only pushed for 30 minutes and it was going to be pretty fast. My doctor wasn't there so I had the on call doctor who I REALLY LOVED! I actually think that I will be switching to him. He was totally on board with my not want to be cut down there. So he has me push and I was aware enough that I could feel my contractions and he said you coach me I loved it! He told me to stop pushing because he was going to have to go ahead and cut my because AHHH the umbilical cord was wrapped around Jacob's neck and he needed him out fast. He cut then 2 pushes later Jacob was here! He was born at 8:27pm at 7lbs 9ounces and 20.75 inches long.

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