Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby bumps

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So I realized I hadn't really posted on my blog my baby belly pics so here they are my baby bump is slowly getting there! I am almost 34 weeks now! About 6 more to go! I am definitely feeling ready this kiddo inside me is super strong and constantly kicks my rib really hard. I can definitely tell I am at the end because I can barely get to my feet and everything is uncomfortable and my hips are always hurting and I toss and turn all night. But it is all completely worth it to have this sweet little boy in my life! A little over a week and then its my baby shower. I am excited to get more stuff for him because I am definitely wanted to nest but can't really do that with out the baby stuff.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog Jeni. That is so exciting you are getting SO close!! I hope your shower goes well tomorrow. Sorry I won't be able to make it! I hope you'll post pictures of it on here though. I don't know if you clicked to get follow up messages from my blog, but I responded to what you said. Here it is again in case you didn't:

    My Dr is actually doing a new way that is recommended with the glucose testing. It is a test that is 2 hours long instead of 1 or 3 hours, and they eliminate doing both tests. Not all Drs have switched over (I've actually only heard of my Dr having switched already), but it's supposed to be much more accurate and that is why all Drs are supposed to switch over soon. So you only have the one chance to pass or fail. Back with Nathan when they did the 2 tests, I failed the first one too, but passed the 2nd one.